Tube Bending


Accurate Tube Bending Services in Melbourne

From simple vehicle exhaust or handrail applications to portable generator or pump frames, our expert tube bending services will ensure that your specifications are fully met and delivered on time.
australian general engineering tube bending
Our CNC tube bending machines offer a range of bending possibilities, all with tight tolerances and repeatability.
Tubes can be formed by: 
  • Expanding 
  • Swaging 
  • Beading
  • Dimpling 
  • Flaring
  • Reducing the size to create a range of shapes
Much of our in-house tube bending is done as part of an assembly requirement. For more complex requests we outsource it to our specialised tube bending partners.

Sheet metal and general
fabrication services

Whether you require CNC laser cutting, turret punching, brake press folding, welding, or any of our other services, here at Australian General Engineering, we have a strong focus on efficiency, quality, and customer service. 

Our range of sheet metal fabrication services is provided at both of our ISO 9001-2008 accredited facilities in Melbourne and through our joint venture in Vietnam. 

For more information about our tube bending and other services, as well as how we can assist with your sheet metal and component manufacturing requirements, talk to one of our helpful and friendly experts today.

Call the tube bending and metal fabrication specialists 
in Melbourne now on 03 9540 4900.

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