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Efficient and Flexible Warehousing & Logistics

Here at Australian General Engineering, we are equipped with a specialised warehouse adjoining our production facility that is used to manage stocked components or specific kanban arrangements to support your ‘lean’ and ‘just-in-time’ requirements.
Through highly organised picking, kitting, and packaging of scheduled deliveries by our logistics team, we can help make your business run smoothly and efficiently. 

We carry out daily deliveries, but we’re flexible enough to support any injected orders and quickly deliver them anywhere in Melbourne. We can conduct expedited rushed delivery shipments within two hours (to metro Melbourne) from when the customer’s urgent situation is alarmed. We understand that no business runs without faults, so we are prompt to react, hence minimise any potential downtime.
australian general engineering green truck

A warehousing option in Melbourne

Typically, the sheet metal fabricated products that we store have been manufactured in economical volumes, and we have them ready on standby for when you need them. 
Keeping finished products in our undercover high bay warehouse works well with ongoing contracts and general business because we can distribute the products when you need them. This can also be done on a rotating cycle whereupon we distribute the products and replenish them as needed, such as the typical kanban style method. We ensure your stock is maintained at good levels so we can push it out to you in time.
australian general engineering stocks arranged in shelves

Providing value-added solutions

Through the utilisation of larger production runs and retaining your items in our warehouse for you, you’ll save money. You do this by minimising your component manufacturing set-up costs and by having your products stored in our warehouse ready to deliver to you as you require them. This allows you to free up your facility as we carry the stock for you and assists with reducing your inventory level while not disrupting production.

Kitting of parts and kanban are just some of the services our warehouse provides you. To learn more about our sheet metal fabrication services and how we can assist with your metal component and product manufacturing requirements, talk to one of our expert team today.

Call the fabrication logistics specialists now on 03 9540 4900 and enjoy hassle-free distribution of your manufactured components.

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