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CAD Design for Metal Fabrication in Melbourne 

If you need to have a metal part or component designed and prototyped, we’ve got a skilled team of industrial designers on hand to do exactly what you need.

Whatever stage you are at with your concept, we can provide you with solutions on the best way to turn your idea into reality.

Redesigning for cost effectiveness

Customers often turn to us for assistance in redesigning their products so they can reduce the cost of manufacturing. We can do this either on the component we manufacture for the client or through altering the design to assist with reducing the time during the assembly process.

If you don’t have an electronic drawing of the item you wish to have made, our team can reverse engineer it for you and create drawings to facilitate manufacture.
Allow us to help you make your idea a reality by guiding you through the design process, assisting with modifications, and most importantly, providing the most efficient way to manufacture it for you. 

Top designers using the best software

Our CAD designers use Inventor and Solid Works software that provides us with the ability to produce a near lifelike rendered image. We can also make a video of the designed product, allowing us to simulate its moving parts so we can see if the product’s design will work as intended.

The CAD/CAM design services we provide are at the conceptual part of the rest of the business. Our broader sheet metal fabrication services also include: 
  • CNC laser cutting
  • CNC turret punching
  • CNC brake press folding
  • MIG and TIG welding
  • CNC machining
  • Assembly, packaging, and distribution
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Call us now on 03 9540 4900 to discuss your specific CAD design requirements.

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